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Founded in Dublin in 2014 the company goals are to ensure that cancer patients receive expert care from expert carers and that this challenging speciality can be made easier and smoother for everyone involved in services for patients.

Nuala Hannon, founder, has over 25 years nursing experience, 15 of those dedicated to oncology care.  Hannon Oncology Education are passionate about combining real clinical experience with the latest scientific research to enhance the quality of care and information given to patients and professionals.

Hannon Oncology Education understand the enormity of a cancer diagnosis emotionally and financially on an individual, their families and our communities. We have seen first-hand the fear, worry and pain caused by this disease. Our courses can help you gain the knowledge and language required to communicate more effectively with patients and health care professionals. We can empower you to deliver better services to patients and reduce their burden of fear.

Whether you are just starting a career in oncology or have a lot of experience, we will provide education that’s evidence based and transferable to your particular unit because at Hannon Oncology Education Ltd, we believe in life-long learning, collaboration and the continuous development of improved services to lessen the fear and make the journey smoother.

With over 25 years nursing experience, 16 years in oncology & 8 years as a Clinical Nurse Specialist Member of the senior nursing management team in a major DATHs Hospital Proven track record as a leader in oncology care in Ireland